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Proudly published in the United States of America for environmental scientists around the world.  Providing instruction for managing, converting, analyzing and displaying oceanographic station data, marine meteorological data, GIS-compatible marine and coastal data or model simulations, and mapped remote sensing imagery



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MDL EXERCISES (140+ titles; use the Search Engine above to find topics of interest; search for PROJECT, DATABASE, FORMAT or SOFTWARE, by names -- if known; or you can simply browse the following grouped titles)

1. Marine Data Basics (13 titles) - Technical tips and valuable general resources

            Folders   File Names   Calculators    Digital ID    Data Integration    Data Sources    Formats    Essential Data    Software    Atlases   Scales/Resolution

2. Marine GIS Operations & Tools (32 titles) - Making maps of earth features and metocean data analyses

            Basic Mapping   Adding Shapes to Maps   Managing Shapes   Adding Grids to Maps   Managing Grids

3.  Principal Global Archives of In Situ Ocean Data (10 titles)

              World Ocean Database (WOD) & Atlas (WOA), World Optics Data (WOOD), Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS), Global Transmissometer Data, PANGAEA

4. Managing & Analyzing Marine Data in Ocean Data View (19 titles) - The most popular ocean data management software is introduced and its basic methods demonstrated

             Data Collection & QC    Special Data Additions    Standard/Special Analyses    Exporting Data/Images 

5. Gridding Marine Data & Handling Grid Products (18 titles) - Gridding marine data from various sources, managing/analyzing grids and creating "standard products" for Marine GIS

6. Plotting Motion Vectors (4 titles) - Visualizing winds or currents as vector "arrows" or "streamlines" on maps

7. Handling Relief Data (Bathymetry & Topography) (8 titles) - Managing and plotting bathymetric and topographic data (grids or vectors)

8. Network Access Tools and Data Services  (8 titles) - Systems and software developed to allow users to access data and data products directly over networks, using new protocols

9. Our Oceans Today: Operational & Synoptic Products (40 titles) - Methods to obtain and visualize operational marine data and products, mainly with Integrated Data Viewer

             Currents   Models/Forecasts   In Situ/At Sea  Optics/Pigments   Salinity   Sea Surface Height/Tides   Sea Ice   Sea Temperature   Waves   Winds/Weather   General & Ancillary


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