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Proudly published in the United States of America for environmental scientists around the world.  Providing instruction for managing, converting, analyzing and displaying oceanographic station data, marine meteorological data, GIS-compatible marine and coastal data and model simulations, and mapped remote sensing imagery



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This never-ending compilation is dedicated to these great people, still here or gone,  who have pushed and/or helped me on my way.  All my love to each of you.  MLB

Frances Haughton Johnson [1922-2007], my mama.  She raised me through times so hard that all we had was grits and wild mustard greens to eat, and one of our own chickens on Sunday.  She put me through school and college, and never called me out for being a lazy student, which I was.  Nobody ever showed more patience than she did.

Hazel Haughton Wilkinson, my mama's sister, has shown all the Haughtons, Wilkinsons and Browns the meaning of true love and personal devotion to church, family and countless friends.  Her great heart failed in September, 2014, and we lost her to the ages. 

Kristin Countess de Lichtervelde, IOC's OceanTeacher project office manager, has always been kind and wise, helping many hundreds of scientists and students to get to Ostend from every corner of the world, for various purposes and in spite of amazing bureaucratic difficulties.

Professor Unnsteinn Stefansson [1922-2004], IOC/Duke University/Iceland University, first opened my eyes to earth sciences with his amazingly detailed summer lectures at the lab in Beaufort, NC.  Later he helped me on my way and got me into grad school, his old university in Copenhagen. Publications

Commander John Withrow [1948-2013], USN/NOAA Corps/IOC/USCGR, picked me out of the crowd to help begin the old OceanPC training program at IODE.  He was an amazingly effective and moderating leader for a little, almost unfunded, program peopled by mad zealots full of big ideas.


The exercises, notes and graphics in this website are copyrighted, and may not be copied or abstracted in any way, without my explicit permission (in writing).  Making one copy for your personal use is allowed.   Please report any copyright infringement to me. Murray Brown m.brown.nsb <at>