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Marine Data Literacy 2.0

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2.5.1 Accuracy Check for Grid Templates

New Version of Saga:  Usually a new version of Saga is quickly assimilated into these exercises.  The latest release, Version 2.1.2, is so radically different that it will take some time to catch up with revised exercises.  Please email me immediately whenever you find an old exercise that simply cannot be accomplished in the new Saga, due to big changes in the properties, etc.  I will try to provide fixes within about 2 days.

  • Exercise Title:  Accuracy Check for Grid Templates

  • Author:  Murray Brown

  • Version:  February 2013

1. Into Saga, load all of the dummy grids (1-deg, 0.5-deg, 0.1-deg, 0.05-deg and 0.01-deg).
2.  Make maps with the graticule on top of each dummy grid.  They must match exactly.

NOTE:  A 1-pixel offset as seen here, is due to normal numerical errors on the PC graphics chip, and can be ignored.  After magnification it remains the same, a characteristic of chip problems.

3.  This check must be performed separately for each of your dummy grids!