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Marine Data Literacy 2.0

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4.1.1 Accuracy Check for Ocean Data View Collection

  • Exercise Title:  Accuracy Check for Ocean Data View (ODV) Collection

  • Author:  Murray Brown

  • Version:  February 2013

1.  Open your ODV collection for Liberia.  Use VIEW > LAYOUT TEMPLATES > FULL SCREEN MAP to see the stations.  If any station selection criteria are in effect, relax those criteria to make sure you are seeing ALL the stations.
2.  Right-click on the map, and select EXTRAS > ADD GRAPHICS OBJECT FROM FILE > SHAPEFILE.  Then navigate to the Liberia frame lines shape, and add it to the map.
3.  If the stations extend beyond the frame, that is good, because we did want the collection to go beyond the AOI by 1 or 2 degrees.  If the stations lie exactly within the frame, that is OK.  But you might optionally go back and increase the size of the download from the World Ocean Database.  Ask your instructor.

You can remove the lines shape with EXTRAS > MANAGE GRAPHICS OBJECT > [SELECT] > DELETE