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Marine Data Literacy

Proudly published in the United States of America for environmental scientists around the world.  Providing instruction for managing, converting, analyzing and displaying oceanographic station data, marine meteorological data, GIS-compatible marine and coastal data and model simulations, and mapped remote sensing imagery



1. Data Basics
2. Marine GIS
3. Principal Archives
4. Ocean Data View
5. Gridded Data
6. Motion Vectors
7. Bathy/Topo Data
8. Access & Services
9. Operational/Synoptic
MDL Chronology
MDL Users
History & Images
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Murray Brown - Contact Information

Murray Brown, the editor of this website, is available for discussions about these exercises (especially comments about errors or needed upgrades).

  • My new home address is:

    208 Hubbell St.

    Edgewater, Florida, 32132

    United States of America

  • My email address is m.brown.nsb <at>

  • My [US] phone number is 1-386-341-0868



Murray Brown

Basic Information:
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  • About Me:
    • B.S. Chemistry, Duke University, 1969
    • Licentiate Scientiarum (Ph.D.) Marine Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, 1975.  In Nils Jerlov's lab.
    • 1976-1999, U.S. Government; Physical Scientist, and Oceanographer.  Program Manager for government environmental studies in the Gulf of Mexico (chemical, geological, physical, cultural (!), and information management), totaling over $60 M.  Wrote OPCPlot, the first operational marine GIS, oriented toward physical monitoring of coastal circulation.
    • 1991-2013, UNESCO - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission - International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) courses author and lecturer in marine data management for the OceanTeacher Academy (OTA)
    • Authored 117 articles in the OTA Digital Library on Marine Data Management, constituting the original training resource
    • Click HERE to see a synopsis of my IODE training activities (latest listed first) since 2001.
    • Received the IODE 2011 Achievement Award
    • Retired from active IODE teaching in 2013, to tend my garden in Florida and work on MDL and smaller teaching jobs on my own
    • His personal HELP Desk for all OTA and MDL students has been in operation since the late 90's
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The exercises, notes and graphics in this website are copyrighted, and may not be copied or abstracted in any way, without my explicit permission (in writing).  Making one copy for your personal use is allowed.   Please report any copyright infringement to me. Murray Brown m.brown.nsb <at>