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Marine Data Literacy

Proudly published in the United States of America for environmental scientists around the world.  Providing instruction for managing, converting, analyzing and displaying oceanographic station data, marine meteorological data, GIS-compatible marine and coastal data and model simulations, and mapped remote sensing imagery



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9. Our Oceans Today: Operational & Synoptic Products

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General:  Most of the exercises in MDL are concerned with climatological products and/or long-term data archives containing historical records.  Sections 8 and 9, however, concern data delivery systems (8) and operational products (9), including satellite analyses, model simulations, and warning-type products for ice and storms.  Specifically operational formats (NetCDF, GRIB, BUFR, etc.) are emphasized because they are designed for such uses.  The most recent products are preferred, often from "today," but a few systems require multiple days to assemble a useful composite (e.g. salinity, pigments).  Some products are available as both nowcasts and forecasts, so a wide range of "times" is presented.

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